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Certified & Trusted Consultant
with over 100 Successful Clients

Our company is accredited by TUV SUD as a certified consultant for government grants such as the Enterprise Development Grant.

With a combined experience of over a century, the NTTY X Team of consultants have worked extensively with both SMEs and international labels on brand creation and strategic marketing proliferation. Some of our clients include AW LAB, Adidas, Rolls Royce, L’oreal, Huawei, and even SME Startups such as KAEN, Bohae Gulp Gulp!, and Sigiskin, who have all grown beyond their shores of origin and are enjoying the fruits of their tenacious labour as we speak.

We are ever-ready to support your company’s strive for brand excellence with our team of experts – from design, to R&D, to marketing, and cross-border expansions – with a healthy composition of ethnicities, youthful trend-setters and experienced senior advisories.

We look forward to a promising journey with your company, and we are prepared to dedicate our knowledge and expertise to your ultimate brand success.

200% Increase in Brand Strength
Within Clients’ Target Audience

International Team with 80%
Locally Based

With an international team, we are able to gain global perspectives and understand how to cater to different regions. Our structured workflow ensures that milestones and goals are hit despite the non-linear working nature. This is accompanied by our local team managing directly with brands and building the trust needed in our joint journeys.

350% Average Boost in Social Media Presence

Through social media content creation and management, we’ve run campaigns and engage existing and new customers. Bringing brands to the forefront of consumers’ minds. Seeing these brands prosper through social media is something we are very proud of.

Transformed & Reinvigorated over 50 Brands

From refreshed redesign & rebranding of mature brands and branding of new startups, we have enabled them to reach new target audiences, reposition their placing in consumers’ mindsets, enter new markets and achieve concrete brand identity and congruency. All of this to spur one goal: Brand Innovation

20+ Million in Grants & Subsidies Obtained for Client’s Campaigns

Many brands take advantage of grants and subsidies – the Productive Solutions Grant for SMEs, Enterprise Development Grant for Singapore businesses – with our help and guidance. Boosted by these initiatives, we are able to help our brands reach goals previously thought to be unattainable.

Planned & Executed 30+ Experiential
Events & Launches

Prior to the Covid-19 era, we organized and planned experiential events for brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, AW LAB, Yishion, Eu Yan Sang and more. We conceptualized out-of-the-box ideas and initiatives to help launch these prestigious and exciting events. We saw through every phase of each event right down to every detail and as a result, we saw our combined goals being met and surpassed. As we approach a new normal in these times, bigger events are on the horizon. Armed with seasoned experience, we are excited to execute these events with new perspectives and achieve a larger-than-life atmosphere.

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