Brand Packaging, Brand Innovation


30% Increase in Customers

Convenient BBQ Anywhere

The client wanted to build a product that does not only function brilliantly, but is also user friendly and would captivate the hearts of her customers.

We were tasked to design the brand look, work on the product design, and develop a strategic marketing plan for the brand.

The team worked closely with the client to come up with a strong brand identity that reflected the brand’s core voice and values.

The team made the decision of developing a flame mascot inspired by the brand name & Japanese word – KAEN ( which means flame ) to further boost brand identity and make the brand more memorable and attractive. Cute and simple illustrations were designed to create a pattern that perfectly captures the consumer experience the moment they lay eyes on the packaging.

We even designed visual instructions and had games users could play when having their BBQ was also placed with the catalogue to enhance the user experience of consumers during their social gatherings.

The client loved the product that was designed, and it gained a lot of fans during its closed door launch. We wish the brand all the best for her success!