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The team was tasked to increase the brand awareness of Gulp Gulp! Soju which had just reached Singapore’s shores in September 2020. In order to build the brand identity and recognition for Gulp Gulp! Soju, a branding and social media digital marketing plan was strategized and created by our team.

The team designed a fun logo with hand drawn qualities, drawing inspiration from their honey soju. We also identified key colours and fonts to express Gulp Gulp’s cheeky, light and fun voice.

Eye-catching key visuals were illustrated and developed in order to help Gulp Gulp! Soju stand out on different platforms – from brick and mortar stores, to partner bars and various digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.   

An illustration of the Soju bottle was paired with human elements enjoying activities you can do while enjoying Honey Soju – barbeques and parties!

A bee and watermelon character was created to be the face of the two soju flavours – honey and watermelon. Both mascots embody a cute and lively personality, reflecting the brand voice. The bee character is also often employed in the brand’s social media posts.

Gulp Gulp’s Instagram feed features photographs, gifs, animated videos, reposts of user-generated content, as well as other visuals of the brand. 

The posts are carefully curated, keeping consistent to the brand colours which create a colourful and vibrant feed that portrays Gulp Gulp’s fun and cheeky personality.


Within a short span of time, Gulp Gulp! Soju gained close to a thousand followers on Instagram. The team strategically designed various marketing campaigns in order to help boost the brand’s reach in the beverage industry.

Coupled with fun & engaging visuals on their social media accounts, Gulp Gulp! Soju also gained much brand awareness through the engagement of multiple key-opinion-leaders who received a carefully crafted PR kit and invitations to events conceptualized by the team each month.

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