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With a combined experience of over a century, the NTTY X Team of consultants have worked extensively with both SMEs and international labels on brand creation and strategic marketing proliferation. Some of our clients include AW LAB, Adidas, Rolls Royce, L’oreal, Huawei, and even SME Startups such as KAEN, Bohae Gulp Gulp!, and Sigiskin, who have all grown beyond their shores of origin and are enjoying the fruits of their tenacious labour as we speak.

We are ever-ready to support your company’s strive for brand excellence with our team of experts – from design, to R&D, to marketing, and cross-border expansions – with a healthy composition of ethnicities, youthful trend-setters and experienced senior advisories.

We look forward to a promising journey with your company, and we are prepared to dedicate our knowledge and expertise to your ultimate brand success. Our company is accredited by TUV SUD as a certified consultant for government grants such as the Enterprise Development Grant.

Constantly Evolving

It’s never enough to just be good, we want to be different as well. Through embracing technologies and changing consumer mindsets, we pave the way for brands to enter the ever-evolving future. Being the launchpad for key ideas has helped us stay one step ahead in the crowded game of identity and connectivity.

Looking Forward to 2022

Social Media Trends

Some audiences are trying to close the chapter on the curated self and its unreal standards of perfection, meaning companies and social media personalities who fail to dig deeper may miss out on a great opportunity to meet followers where they are. Concealed by the pandemic, new routines, behaviors, and attitudes are redefining the beauty landscape.

How the Consumer Mindset is Changing

Consumers usually stick stubbornly to their habits, resulting in very slow adoption of beneficial innovations that require behavior change. Now, the COVID-19 crisis has caused consumers everywhere to change their behaviors—rapidly and in large numbers.

Social Responsibilities

With a more centered focus on individuals’ mental health wellness, social responsibility has evolved to include being kind to yourself. Mental health hasn’t just become a personal priority, but a business one too. Many employees report worsening levels of mental health, regardless of whether they work-from-home or not.rnrnWith health-consciousness at a peak, however, the focus appears to now be shifting toward taking more proactive, preventative measures. Consumers are developing a self-care toolkit of sorts, so they’re armed for whatever life throws their way.

News & Events of 2022

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