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50% Increase in Customers

NTTY-X Revamped Website on Veco Sponge

Our Case Study is with NTTY-X long-running client Vita Enterprises, a renowned maritime organization with a presence since the 1980s. In March 2022, they drafted plans to launch its own branding of its cleaning service – Veco Sponge, a sponge-media surface cleaning solution that offering environmentally-friendly abrasive cleaning for the Oil and Marine Industry.  After some initial groundwork of their own, Veco engaged us to better their strategy here in Singapore, sharpen marketing focus, while fostering relationship and brand awareness vis-à-vis industry partners and the media.

The Case

NTTY-X started off the project with an initial audit for Veco. While they are blessed with a quality product and a considerable starting base of marketing assets to work with, several weaknesses marred them from carrying out an effective long-term marketing plan.

General Lack of Direction: Lacking of essentials such as a long-term roadmap + brand positioning, brand guide, brand story, key messages and more.

Lack of Essential Online Touchpoints: Information about Veco online was only hosted on a subpage of VITA’s website network, and not a standalone website with its own domain. This mars the public from seeing and esteeming Veco as a standalone brand, and readers lack a thorough touchpoint to gain an initial understanding about Veco online from. Veco’s lack of professional social media presence, such as a Google Business Profile and LinkedIN, barriers potential partners reaching out to them.

Visual & Presentation Issues:  Veco’s initial general lack of direction also causes their visuals and overall vibes to be inconsistent and jarring to the viewer. Usage of assets from other websites, as well as printing on sub-average material for hardcopies, make them seem unoriginal and unprofessional.

Outreach: Veco lacks of clarity on how to approach market awareness, and is weak in lead capturing strategy and plans.

Devising Solutions

NTTY-X committed to devising an individual set of solutions for each of the above problem groups.

Creating a thorough 1-year plan for Veco to follow through, with clarity and realistic, manageable steps and checkpoints – in turn instilling direction, confidence and morale within Veco staff and its partners.

Branding Guide:
Conceptualizing and solidifying brand message, brand vision, customer segmentation and targeting. Setting consistent visuals through a Masterbrand and sub-logo, templates for documents, colour guide etc. from scratch based on our expertise – such that all subsequent content communicates a coherent messaging while adhering to a uniform look.

Creating Touchpoints & Assets:
Redoing the website and social media for Veco, and creating the required new assets, from ground-up. Experimenting with novel ideas for touchpoints, such as an Immersive Experience Presentation for key decision makers to be in-the-zone about what Veco products are about.

Internal Communications:
Creating and disseminating internal documents on the above rebranding steps to get all Veco staff on the same page, thus ensuring consistent communication and eliminating potential quagmire of confusion. Documents include guides on PR Release Strategy, Reputation and Management, as well as Crisis Management.Protocols with Public: Coalescing the new brand into a PR Media Kit Story to get the Veco name out to the media, and a VIP Communication Strategy tailored to go all-out for big-ticket events and target partners.

Positive Outcomes

Greater Clarity Internally: Management and Sales now have a better understanding and a clear, consistent way of presenting Veco’s USPs to potential clients and partners. As Veco is now more focused and targeted towards specific partners in the industry, they can convert more customers while only spending specifically on marketing costs that matter.

Positive Partnerships & Room for Growth: Veco can now work better and more coherently with partners, such as distributors and media outlets. They also plan on bigger moves next, such as expanding business via business alliance overseas via CSR opportunities and expansion of new markets.

Praises for Visuals: Veco’s overseas partners wrote in to compliment how they “loved their new rebrand image” as the brand is now straight to the point and easy to understand.  Veco now stands out as unique while conforming to industry standards for a professional look.Key Communication to the Media: Veco attended a few events carrying rebranded content, during which other attendees and media commended that they now look much more international and professional, as well as an overall good impression to the public and other stakeholders.