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50% Increase in Customers

Beyond Traditional Shoe Making

Being a heritage brand and enjoying consistent sales throughout, Jess Lee have always been in their comfort zone for too long and been misled by the impression that their distribution & retail business model is evergreen. Jess Lee hasn’t been able to adapt to trend changes and market shifts and hence been slow and resistant to react. Jess Lee Shoes currently conduct all our sales offline i.e. through consignment with major departmental stores. They do not have any online presence at all, no ecommerce store, no account with online marketplaces, not even a Facebook account. Jess Lee felt the wrath of these inaction most severely with the advent of Covid-19. People are placed under circuit breaker, movement is restricted and non-essential businesses are closed. Unfortunately, departmental retail stores happened to be classified as “non-essential”. Their sales had plummeted and come to a standstill. Even prior to the pandemic arriving at Singapore shores, the brick-and-mortar stalls retail scene was gradually declining and the trend was to move online. It has become imperative that Jess Lee move online with no further delays or risk being left behind.

Area of Focus

  • Understand the market demand for online E-commerce segment, the competitors, manufacturers, distributors to turn E-commerce and identify new overseas markets
  • Access the current branding and roadblocks to determine the problems that the current local footwear market and trend is facing in Singapore.
  • Re-look at the brand image and identity of the company and create a brand that relates. To also modernise the brand and appeal to the current target audience. (Outcome: Mia Bellos)
  • To set up the online business and make sure the logistics are set in place.
  • Launch the new brand with a digital marketing plan in place to reach out to audiences, local and overseas

The Scope

  • Internal analysis to understand the company’s goals, objectives and align the direction of the company.
  • External analysis to identify the market segmentation, consumer profile and their insights
  • Brand Strategy and development
  • Brand Message and Visual Identity for the brand (logos, key design element and Corporate Identity Guidelines)
  • Analysing the internal sales process and reinventing the new sales process
  • Implementing the action plan
  • Tracking and Measurement of results

By focusing on brand image & identity, extension to online platforms & its relevant logistical capabilities, market climate & trends, as well as a fresh new brand, Mia Bellos is born from Jess Lee Shoes.

With this set path, Mia Bellos was able to hone their newly found differentiation position, having better understanding of their brand strength and area of focus.